Lksim registered under the Sri Lankan Company's act No 07 of 2007, as a Company Limited by Guarantee, LKsim provides IT Consultancy, software design and development as well as other IT related professional services. As a product based software Development Company with a multidisciplinary team, we create solutions in the fields of modeling, simulation, visualization and surveillance that transform business and make life simple for our customers. Further we makes the future safer by developing software solutions that helps to reduce the risk and enhance the quality of industrial applications while minimize the cost. Being the heart of our strategy, R&D has positioned us at the leading edge of our industry as we embrace new technologies, new concepts and new paradigms by enabling every opportunity to inject new and fresh perspectives into our software development.

Our strong partnerships with some leading South East Asian and Asian Pacific companies would tremendously expand our operations to pursue new market opportunities while developing and enhancing the scope and quality of our services.

Our multidisciplinary team who bring research outcomes to commercialization level. Our innovative ideas and dedication strengthen this process and we engaged with following activities:

  • Carryout research, development and commercialization in the field of modeling, simulation, visualization and surveillance.
  • Develop and provide modeling, simulation, visualization and surveillance solutions to meet the national and international community and industry requirements.
  • Provide modeling, simulation, visualization and surveillance consultancies and advisory services to the national and international community, industry and academia.
  • Built and enhance the human capacity in modeling, simulation, visualization and surveillance.

We have a proven track record in innovating and creating outstanding products .Our team members have contributed to several nationally significant solutions which were recognized by industry and academia through national/international awards including the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA), The Manthan Award, The National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), The e-Swabhimani Award. Our team members contributed to over 250 research articles in national and international context including conference papers, Journal papers and book chapters.





Prof. N D Kodikara, R/Admiral K.R. Senadheera Rtd and Dr. K D Sandaruwan have been playing a key role in defining the company strategy and using technology and innovation in product development.


Professor. N D Kodikara, Co-founder/ LKsim

Over 35 years of experience in Teaching, Research & Development, Management and administration

Research Interest: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Image Processing, Computer Vision.


R/Adm. K R Senadheera (Rtd), Co-founder/ LKsim

Former Director General Electrical, Electronics and IT, Sri Lanka Navy Over 33 years of service, experience in Research & Development, Management and Administration. Won Vishista Seva Vibhushanaya medal

Research Interest: Communication and Networking, And Surveillance Systems. 


Dr. K D Sandaruwan, Co-founder/ LKsim

TOYP award winner 2014 (Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka - Technology development), Over 10 years of experience in research & development, teaching and project management. Published over 60 Peer-reviewed articles.

Research Interest: Modeling and Simulation, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality.


We also have set of dedicated professionals, who  and all of them have pursued their degrees from  local or  foreign universities. Their expertise lie in variety of fields such as software engineering, medical, management, research/development and aesthetic studies.