LKsim was registered under the Sri Lankan Company's act No 07 of 2007, as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It was established with the aim of commercialize research outcomes in the areas of Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Surveillance. We are a small multidisciplinary team who bring research outcomes to commercialization level. We have published over 50 research articles in the national and international context including conference papers, Journal papers and book chapters. Our innovative ideas and dedication strengthen the university research and several solutions were recognized by industry and academia through national/international awards.

Selected Publications

  • Low Cost Immersive VR Solutions for Serious Gaming. In A. Kumar, J. Etheredge, & A. Boudreaux (Eds.), Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design: Implementation and Development (pp. 407-429). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-1634-9.ch017
  • Flight Simulator for Serious Gaming. In Kim, Kuinam J, Information Science and Applications (267-277). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. url={}
  • Perception Enhanced Virtual Environment for Maritime Applications. GSTF International Journal on Computing, 2010 volume1,ISSN: 2010-2283 page 36
  • Modeling and Simulation of Environmental Disturbances for Real-time Six Degrees of freedom Ocean Surface Vehicle. Sri Lanka Journal of Physics. ISSN 1391-5880, Vol 10(2009) 39-57
  • User Perception of Physical & Behavioral Realism of a Real-Time VR Environment (UK Sim 2012), Cambridge, UK. ISBN 978-0-7695-4682-7

Our small multidisciplinary team contributed to make following nationally significant solutions.

Above Solutions were recognized by the industry through awards such as The Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA)- It is an international awards program which aims to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide, The Manthan Award - It is an annual award for South Asia given in recognition of exceptional digital content creation and it is a first of its kind initiative to recognize the BEST use of ICT and digital tools to create holistic and comprehensive impact on people, The National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA)- It provides recognition to outstanding achievements which have contributed to the development of ICT/ create a window to gain international recognition for locally developed ICT products to improve standards, The e-Swabhimani Award- It offers a platform for all who value the creative use of ICTs and who are committed to making today’s information society more inclusive.