LKSim develops an automate process for deformation and delocalization detection of printed patterns in garments. Garments come with different varieties, styles and colours and they also, printed logos, images , text and patterns to make them attractive. Mostly the process of printing of these patterns are done using a screen printing method and this becomes so erroneous, with the increasing rate and quantity of the garments produced. The end result is, deformation in the patterns such as stains , discontinuities and minute changes of the location of the patterns , affecting the quality of the garments.

For this the garment industry employs separate workers who visually inspect each garment, for dislocations and deformation of the logos and patterns, printed on it. This process is a tedious tusk for the workers needing precise visual measurement and inspections and also it introduces an extra cost on the production process.

As a solution for the above problem, the garment industry is moving towards automation of the visual inspection process of the garment printed patterns, and we at LKSim having understood this potential, is going through various R&D work to produce a suitable software solution for accurate and robust, automation of garment post production inspection and testing, employing Advanced methods in Image Processing. This software solution would play major role in the quality assurance of the production process of garment industry , reducing the cost incurred by , human intercepted inspection and testing.

The following figure shows a sample defect detection of a printed garment: