“Ruvee” brings the power of 3D to fashion designing, sales & marketing with many advantages that helps you to express your creativity wire an interactive digital strategy available anytime, anywhere.

“Ruvee” is a state-of-the-art cloud based platform, showcasing 3D garment prototypes. It simplifies and enhances the end to end communication and collaboration among fashion designers, 3D garment designers, marketing personnel and other stakeholders.

Reduced time to market could be identified as another strategic advantage of Ruvee application and its all stakeholders could take part in the whole business process as a result of end-to-end highly reliable, and confidential communication.


Sales and marketing personnel and other stakeholders can view the available 3D garment models with web/mobile platforms available anywhere anytime. These enhanced viewing applications provide:

  • Feature 3D turntables
  • Customizable garment pages (Rotate, Pan and Zoom)
  • 2D fabric pattern visualization
  • Privacy settings
  • Massaging facilities among teams
  • Real-time updates

Eventually Ruvee would become a stress-free solution to the next generation garment makers.

LKsim is ready to provide 3D garment modeling services and fulfill other industry requirements that make the fashions more fashionable.