With the fast moving world and information era, the seeking of information through “just a click - to your fingertips” has become a culture, growing rapidly in the Tourist Industry, which as a nation, Sri Lanka lacks for the time being. For us to grow and conquer the present through our glorious heritage, we should seek out for new sources of information distribution methodology and let the world see what we have with the touch of new technology and influence the sensational feeling of a “Tour through our Heritage”.

With the prior expertise we have gained through our various research and development projects, we have developed a platform, a smarter mode of interaction to virtual environments, as per the stepping stone to the new era of tourism, for the first time in Sri Lankan History, with the touch of 3D simulation, and transform the architectural and archeological monuments within Sri Lanka in to a “lively walk through” with embedded tour guide information using textual and audio captions by the unique and unprecedented product, “Nethra”, which will “not be Just a Tour Guide with a map” but will be a product including a “walk through the changes over Colonial Eras to the day it is being built” for the tourist to get a remarkable first-hand experience of our heritage behind the monuments preserved by generation over generation.