UAS Tracking

LK Simulations is implementing a comprehensive Air Space Management System for Low Altitude Remotely Piloted Aircraft, popularly referred to as “Drones”, covering all facets from registration, compliance, pilot certification, flight monitoring & enforcement as well as awareness creation. The solution aligns with the latest developments & recommendations in Quad Tracking low altitude airspace management from NASA – University of Stanford joint task force and Nanyang Technology University, Singapore Study group as well as ICAO guidelines.

Features and functionalities

  • Identify Many Targets as Possible
  • Ensuring navigational safety & anomaly detection
  • Improve Efficiency of Aviation Operations
  • Collect Real-time GPS Information and Visualization
  • View Target List and Individual UAS Details
  • Searching and Filtering
  • Target Pair Mutual Calculation
  • Defining Guard Zones
  • History Viewer
  • Registration Module
  • Report Generation
  • Handling Emergency Landing
  • Operator Application