Automated Defect Detection

CogEye Toolkit: Deep Learning based Visual Inspection System for Defect Detection on Garment Printings

LKsim’s CogEye toolkit offers the most amazing ready-to-use Computer vision based Deep Learning software solution dedicated to garment printing image analysis. CogEye suit is a real-time, field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. It allows tackling otherwise impossible to program inspection & classification challenges. This results in a powerful, flexible and straightforward solution for countless challenging machine vision applications. The suite consists of two significant tools viz., CogEye Track tool and CogEye Clasp tool.

CogEye Track: Feature Localization & Identification

CogEye track is used to find and localize single or multiple features within an image. Be it strongly deformed characters on very noisy backgrounds or complex objects in bulk; the track tool can localize and identify complex features and objects by learning from annotated images. To train the track tool, all you need to provide are images where the targeted features are marked using the same label tool comes with track tool.

Figure 01(a): CogEye Track label tool

Figure 01(b): CogEye Track train tool

CogEye Clasp: Segmentation & Defect Detection

CogEye clasp is used to detect anomalies and aesthetic defects. Be it discontinuities and minute changes of the location of the patterns, scaling issue which are affecting the quality of the product; the clasp tool can identify all of these and many more problems simply by learning the normal appearance of an object including its significant but tolerable variations. The clasp tool is also used to segment specific regions such as defects or other areas of interest. Be it a low-ink problem, extra ink mark or a smudge; the clasp tool can identify all of these regions of interest simply by learning the varying appearance of the targeted zone. This software solution would play a major role in the quality assurance of the production process of the garment industry, reducing the cost incurred by, human intercepted inspection and testing.

Figure 02: CogEye Clasp tool