We have developed a vehicle tracking solution that can be used to monitor vehicle fleets. This solution can be customized according to user’s needs.

Few key features of the solution.

  • Real-time data visualization
  • View individual target details
  • Searching and filtering
  • Distance calculation between two targets.
  • Facility to create geo-fences
  • History data viewing facility
  • Report generation facility
  • Can monitor from anywhere with any device that has an internet connection

Find me enables users to get closer to their family, friends and relatives. They can let others know where they are in real time and others can share their location too. At any time user can add people, change with whom they share their location or turn off location sharing.The solution comes as both Web and mobile app which is cross platformed. Here you can see the real time location of your own .Because of the map view, you can easily get the idea about where you are now. You can add friends and invite friends to share your location. If you want to invite a friend to share your location then the app will send a request with the link. When you add a friend to share your location, both of u are received the verification code as a text messages.

After verification you can see his/her location and the path, minimum time and the distance for the shared person’s location from your current location. So it is very easy to work with Find Me at any time.

Features and Functionalities

  • See current location : You can see your location in real time on the map.
  • Add friends :You can add friends, family members and anyone that you want to know where they are.
  • Share location and path : You can share your location with anyone who are in your friend list. And you can see their location through this.
  • Path on map : You can see the path to the shared person from the current location.
  • Geo fencing
  • Share current Status


  • Keeps your family secure and connected : See the location of all family members on the map and stay in touch with find me. Now you can examine your kids by being your place.
  • Real time location of your familiars : With Find me your family, friends can share location with you. It keeps you in touch and lets you see where everybody in real time. Then you never miss the small celebrations and gathering of your friends.
  • As a lifeguard : When you miss your friends who are take part in the same trip and have to struggle here and there , Find me is the best solution for find your friends.
  • As an Employee Tracker : Find me suits for your company to make the connection between outstation employers and management .Monitoring becomes ease by providing a real time map with continuously updated arrival times.
  • Track your orders : Most of the customers willing to receive their items at the right time after the ordering .So Find me suits for the delivery services to find their customer's place and reach there without any delay.