Leisure & Edutainment

Run & Run

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. We LKsim incorporate this concept into the physical rehabilitation process of children with brain injuries in a novel approach, where it complements the current conventional rehabilitation program.

‘Run & Run’ has a 2D infinite (endless) runner based simple platform game design, where the player’s performance is based on their ability to collect items and proceed in the game based on their movements detected via a Kinect sensor from Microsoft. The game play is designed in such a manner that the user is motivated to perform the specified physical movements of their body for a substantial period of time.

Game Functions

  • Spawn Systems with a number of game objects to make the game more engaging.
  • Variable/Non-discreet Jump to reward extra physical effort from the child
  • User customizable threshold settings
  • Initially the user has to enter a threshold value related to the selected movement type.
  • Automated Statistical report
  • The automated statistical report contains the following data pertaining to the user sessions are stored in memory.