Members of our multidisciplinary team have been working in the maritime domain since 2008. We designed and developed wide range of software solutions to interconnect commercial GPS enabled hardware devices that operate with the technologies such as AIS (Automatic Identification System), satellite communication and 3G/GSM. Based on that we have design and develop our own framework it is intelligent and highly configurable, our core system architecture is robust and scalable to suit your specific requirements.

Our solution provides extended and reliable domain awareness in the sea or land. The intelligent fusion of satellite technologies, terrestrial AIS technologies and 3G/GMS ensures almost limitless operational range. Despite the highly competitive cost of our system, there is no compromise on performance and functionality. Wide range of features includes dual 2D & 3D display modes, multi-sensor and multi-user networking, historical reporting and user analysis, geo-fencing, alerts, and specialist security related features.


  • Tracking, filtering, manual or automatic target acquisition/ identification and integration
  • Dynamic and static data presentation
  • Route management
  • Target maneuver prediction
  • Sophisticated zone configuration, comprehensive configurable Alarm Management, including Navigation and Sensor Alarms
  • Recording and Playback
  • 2D/3D chart functionality


  • Large scale planning and traffic coordination /Traffic management and safety provision in large-scale and high-density area
  • Improved quality of services and resources utilization
  • Detection of illegal activity
  • Greater safety of life and property

Depending on the user privilege, we expose the real-time states update of the area and we provide wide range of viewers to view the scenario.

Live AIS streaming service for Indian Ocean Marine Affairs Co-operation (IOMAC)

LKsim provided live AIS streaming service at the First International Expert Stakeholder Conference on Marine Mammals with Special reference to the Issue of Ship-Strikes and the IMO Traffic Separation at Dondra Head. The Indian Ocean Marine Affairs Co-operation (IOMAC) organized the Stakeholder Conference.

Electronic logbook and vessel tracking solution for FIP

LKsim designed and developed electronic logbook and vessel tracking solution for Dr. Steven Creech, Director, Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) Sri Lanka. It supports to address sustainability in fisheries and the challenges that face coastal communities.

Yathra – Vessel Tracking & Net Finder Solution for Pelagikos (Pvt) Ltd

LKsim designed and developed vessel tracking & net finder navigational solution for Pelagikos (Pvt) Ltd. This product reduces the ecological impact of a small scale fishery industry in Sri Lanka by using GPS enable mobile-based electronic logbook which automatically gathers all the vessel route details and the catch details. The data recording will be done throughout the voyage and the data transferring to the central data location will be done within the GSM range. This product consists with a standalone navigation application which is very useful for fishermen to find their catch locations.