We are committed to follow the right process to develop products which will help companies to reap the full benefits. To do this LKSIM has a dedicated team to focus on every stage of the product development, from product ideation to market launch and maintenance.

About Our Products

We strongly believe that having a good plan is the best fail-proof method to develop the ideal enterprise technology solutions in Sri Lanka. Our software products development strategies consist of a step by step plan which covers all stages for the software development process taking into consideration key stakeholders, objectives of the company and the timeline. It consists of an action plan from ground work to launching of the product set out by an expert in the area with an analytical mind.

This ensures that LKSIM product development teams are able to work efficiently while allowing feedback at every stage of the product development journey. Tasks are prioritized accordingly and delays are avoided in the delivery timeline.

Once the LKSIM team has the right vision in place it can help any company by developing a product which will fill the market requirement while standing out from other competitors.

Write to us if you need support in developing your own digital products. We provide software development services and advice on strategic issues related to planning and choosing the best solutions. We work with companies from all over the world. You can count on our experience.

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LKSIM provides Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) simulations.


Incorporating modeling and simulation systems into your business is what we do best.


LKSIM game design company designs and develops games for leisure and edutainment. Let’s build yours today!


LKSIM’s products and solutions have taken aviation, maritime, and vehicle tracking software solutions.

Defect Detection

LKSIM provides systems to automate the quality and defects validation in your business.