Incorporating modeling and simulation systems into your business is what we do best. Being the best industrial simulation solutions provider in Sri Lanka, we are excited to work on new projects in this area.

Modeling and Simulation

With our prototyping software solutions, businesses have provided new opportunities through exciting and innovative technologies. We can enhance our clients' experience and create a competitive advantage. We promise the best tailor-made solution to enhance your business. With advanced technologies, simulation systems can be linked to other systems in different geographical locations across the globe. This also dramatically boosts marketing for the companies as it can enhance your advertising, marketing, and social media content.

It is vital to work with simulation solutions when planning for the future. Technology, innovation, and enterprise are the key factors to building a successful long-term business model. Simulation solutions will optimize assets, refurbish and renovate the high potential assets, and utilize unused space. We will help you review your business model and re-shape it to meet the challenges as we advance.

LKSIM' most sought-after simulation solutions are simulation solutions that are designed, developed, and manufactured for commercial grade driver training. These are developed for ship handling simulators, aircraft simulators, and ground vehicle simulators. Our design, development, and manufacturing team ensure appropriate physical and behavioral realism to fulfill the required simulator training and teaching activities. In addition, we continuously carry out research work to upgrade our solutions.

To provide the best custom-tailored solutions, our team at LKSIM study the real-world scenarios and note down all possible activities. The activities are then identified, which need to be simulated based on the cost factors and enhancements required for the quality of the learning/teaching process.

We can also identify activities that are not possible in the real world but possible only through virtual simulation.

Flight Simulations
LK Simulations has its own framework, which we can use in Flight Simulations. With this customizable framework, we can create unique flight simulation solutions for our clients based on their requirements. LK Simulations provides a collection of aircraft models and airport scenarios to enable users to express their preferences and get custom-tailored solutions. With these simulation solutions, it is possible to train amateurs in various environments and weather conditions.
Ship Simulations
LKSIM provides comprehensive maritime training solutions for our clients with simulator products for ship handling operations and other maritime-related applications. These maritime training & simulation systems can be custom-tailored for your requirements. You can use these simulation solutions to train for different weather conditions and ranges of environments. LKSIM Ship simulation software is monitored and upgraded as required for the best marine navigation and ship engine room simulation. It can be customized to include complete working navcom equipment and proper voyage planning.
Ground Vehicle simulations
We provide simulation-based training services for various ground vehicles. Our customizable simulation solutions, it is possible to train drivers through a sweeping range of environments, weather conditions and road hazards. Immersive and more realistic simulated driving experience available, with the cutting-edge training methodologies in the industry.
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