Our clients love the custom web development services, software solutions and internet marketing solutions provided to them time after time. We give Smart and effective digital services to bring measurable results to your business.

About Services

LKSIM has become a trusted name for digital services in Sri Lanka. As well as there are many names for internet marketing services in Sri Lanka, LKSIM stands out from the crowd as we are dedicated to stay updated through continuous research and development facilities made available to the team at all times.

Clients love working with us as we ensure high quality of services. This is made possible through the strong QA process followed by LKSIM to ensure all services are thoroughly checked and finalized before handing over to the client. We also work closely with the clients to understand their requirements at the initial stage itself to be able to have a quick turnaround time with less change requests.

How can LKSIM be your partner in Digital services?

  • Design and manage a custom website which stands out and provides results
  • Dominate local search engine rankings for your web site
  • Increase targeted traffic to your website
  • Build a strong social media presence for your business
  • Develop digital content
  • Innovative mobile marketing
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Develop custom mobile applications

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Software Development

An IT company, catering small to large scale software solutions for businesses.

Digital Content Creation

We take a modern approach to content creation because it is presented digitaly.

Mobile App Development

Our team will develop a user-friendly mobile app to match your requirement, budget, and timeline.

Web Development

A powerful website is what you want first in a modern day business initiative.


We work to make your business the first one customers would see on the web.