Modelling & Simulation

LK Simulations designs, develops, and manufactures a commercial grade driver training simulators such as ship handling simulators, ground vehicle simulators and aircraft simulators. Our design, development, and manufacturing team ensure appropriate physical and behavioral realism to full fill the required simulator training and teaching activities. We continuously carry out research work to bring our solutions to next level.

We provide custom-tailored solutions to you.

  • Study the existing real word scenario, and identify all possible activities.
  • Identify the activities to be simulated to enhance the quality of the existing teaching and learning process.
  • Identify the activities to be simulated to reduce the cost of the existing teaching and learning process.
  • Identify new activities which are not possible in the real world but possible in virtual world and helpful to reduce the cost or enhance the quality of the existing teaching and learning.
  • Identify activities that cannot be simulated at all.

Ship Simulations

We offer a comprehensive suite of maritime training solutions and simulator products for ship handling operations and other maritime related applications. The 180° restricted-mission bridge environment is much like the full-mission ship bridge. The trainer simulates typical ship bridge and maritime environment operations and it includes the best technologies for ship modeling, seakeeping, heavy external-force modules, 3D modeling and latest animation and visualization technologies. A Physically constructed Ship Bridge, Radar Simulation, surround sounds, ECDIS, Ship indicators such as RPM indicator, Rudders indicator, Compass have improved the ecological validity of the solution. This maritime training & simulation systems can be custom-tailored for your requirement.

Ground Vehicle Simulations

We provide simulation-based training services for various ground vehicles. Our simulators train drivers through a sweeping range of environments, weather conditions and road hazards. Immersive and more realistic simulated driving experience available, with the cutting edge training methodologies in the industry.

Flight Simulations

LK Simulations has its roots in aviation field as a solution provider aiming to heighten the quality of pilot training. We believe proper training could be achieved through simulated environment where the user safety is ensured and the training cost is reduced. There we address your problems by adopting the virtual reality concept with proper training sessions in almost all the aircraft models at your preferable airport scene. LK Simulations provides the collection of aircraft model and airport scenarios that will enable user to express their preference and get the custom-tailored solution.